HTF do I move to React from Angular(2+)

Are you an Angular dev who needs to learn React fast?

Starting to get fed up with recruiters and tech teams passing you over because you are not using the trendy new front end framework and therefore must be some sort of technical Neanderthal?

I am!

So without any more preamble, here is my attempt to map the concepts and ideas I have come to know and (mostly) love from the Angular world, to the shiny new land of React/the billion libraries that are necessary to make React useful… (no YOU’RE bitter).

In no particular order, I will be covering the following over the next few posts:

  • Web components (specifically *ngFor, *ngIf, Inputs, Outputs etc.)
  • Content projection/transclusion
  • Routing
  • Angular Material
  • Internationalisation/translation
  • Services
  • Data mapping
  • Styling/style encapsulation
  • Unit testing
  • Static typing
  • Asynchronous code (RxJS)
  • AJAX requests
  • State management
  • Automated testing
  • Dependency injection
  • Angular CLI

These are all things that Angular does ‘out of the box’, and that I have come to professionally rely on. So let’s try and replicate them.

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