I am a software developer.

Before that I got a degree in History, and worked as a market researcher, but I didn’t really like either of those things.

Somehow since then I have ended up, in roughly this order

  • teaching myself some maths and deciding I liked it
  • teaching myself some programming and deciding I liked it
  • retraining as a software developer via a conversion MSc in computer science
  • job hopping outrageously as a software developer for a few years, and specialising in front end development
  • becoming a contractor, specialising in front end development
  • studying for a part time degree in physics (this one is new!)

I got to this point by asking clever people lots of stupid questions, and this blog is a place to collect the answers I’ve found to those questions.

Hopefully some of the answers will be useful for others starting out as software professionals, especially those who might have got into it in a roundabout way like I did!